About YumYum Chicken

YumYum Chicken is the go-to destination for delicious Asian-inspired countries like Korea, China, and Japan. We are a fried chicken restaurant that offers 12 various flavors that will leave your taste buds singing with joy. Our menu features mouthwatering choices such as Korean fried chicken, sweet and spicy chicken, and hot wings that will add that extra kick to your meal. Customers can even do half and half flavours choice in one large size fried crispy chicken. One large size dish comes with 16 pieces of fired bone-in chicken, which can serve up to 4 people. Our restaurant also boasts a delectable range of wraps, sandwiches, and sides that make for the perfect meal on the go. We use only the freshest ingredients to create our signature dishes, and our secret blend of spices guarantees flavors you cannot find anywhere else. At YumYum Chicken, we pride ourselves on delivering delicious food that exceeds customers’ expectations. Visit us today, and we promise you will be hooked on our mouthwatering chicken and incredible flavors.