Sweet & Spicy Chicken

Sweet & Spicy Chicken by YumYum Chicken

YumYum Chicken is a top-notch fried chicken restaurant specializing in Korean fried chicken. Our restaurant is all about providing our customers with the ultimate chicken experience by offering a range of flavors and textures. Our sweet & spicy chicken is a fan favorite, as it is perfectly seasoned with our special blend of spices and glazed with a sweet and tangy sauce that packs a punch. The sauce is made in-house by our expert chefs to ensure that you get the best taste possible. Our fried chicken is also perfectly cooked, ensuring the skin is crispy, and the meat is succulent and juicy. Our chicken's combination of sweet & spicy flavors will leave your taste buds wanting more. At YumYum Chicken, we ensure every meal is served with the utmost care and attention to detail. Come and indulge in the best sweet & spicy chicken at our restaurant, and you won't regret it!